20mph Speed Limit Targets in London Voted Down: What You Need to Know

City Hall has rejected a proposal for London’s mayor to establish clear objectives for implementing more 20mph speed limits throughout the capital. The motion, which was debated by the London Assembly on Thursday, urged Sadiq Khan to “establish a fresh target for reducing speed limits” to 20mph.

Green Assembly Member (AM) Siân Berry argued that this policy would ensure the mayor takes responsibility for road safety in London. However, while Labour expressed support for the idea in principle, they chose not to vote for it. It is worth noting that Transport for London has control over only a small number of roads in the city.

According to Mr. Khan’s transport strategy, implementing lower speeds is essential in order to effectively decrease road hazards. The strategy emphasizes that an individual is five times more likely to survive a collision if struck at 20mph rather than at 30mph. Furthermore, it recommends that a 20mph limit be incorporated into all future projects on the TfL road






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