Andrew Tate: The conversation in the ‘War Room’ suggests dozens of women who have been groomed.

Evidence that dozens of women were groomed into online sex work by members of influencer Andrew Tate’s “War Room” group has been uncovered by the BBC.

During the period from March 2019 to April 2020, a possible 45 victims have been identified in leakage of confidential chat logs, but this figure is likely to increase.

It appears that the techniques used by members of the War Room to extract potential victims are also shown in these texts. Mr. Tate is denying any guilt, and says he’s ready to fight for his innocence.

The BBC’s latest investigation – outlined in the documentary Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed the World? – centres on 12,000 pages of encrypted Telegram messages sent by hundreds of War Room members.

However the BBC’s access to the logs was limited to those sent over a period of 13 months – so the total number of women possibly targeted and exploited by the group, which was formed in 2019, could be much higher.

Mr Tate says the War Room – which costs $8,000 (£6,300) a year to join – is a network of powerful men and those who want to learn from them.

“In addition to providing the members access to thousands of professionals from around the world, who advocate individual accountability and responsibility,” stated Mr.

Tate’s press release, “the War Room provides them with a place where they can gain self discipline, motivation and confidence while reminding them that owning their choices and actions is essential.”






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