Calling for Swift Insight: Suella Braverman Seeks Expert Counsel in Prohibiting American Bully XL

Home Secretary Suella Braverman urgently seeks advice on the prohibition of American bully XL dogs, emphasizing their “lethal” nature.

This call for action comes in response to a distressing incident that occurred in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, where an 11-year-old girl was brutally attacked, as captured in a widely circulated video.

Expressing her profound concern, Ms. Braverman deems this attack as appalling, highlighting the breed’s particular threat to children.

During the incident, both the young girl and two courageous men who came to her rescue were bitten, requiring medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

Following the attack, the dog was promptly examined by a local veterinarian and subsequently placed in secure kennels while investigations unfolded. The authorities have already engaged with the owner in regard to this distressing






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