Canada: Hundreds displaced after severe flooding

Hundreds have been displaced and four people are missing as floods devastate the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Police have found a vehicle two children were in before it was submerged but found no sign of them. The others missing were also driving.

The flooding was caused by the heaviest torrential rains to hit the Atlantic Canada region in 50 years.

Officials said that several highways, local roads and properties have been significantly damaged as a result.

Twenty-five bridges have been affected, with six of them completely destroyed.

About 500 to 600 people were displaced across Nova Scotia because they cannot reach their homes, though many have been able to return home on Monday as evacuation orders were lifted, the province said.

The flooding is the latest extreme weather event to hit northeast Canada – recent wildfires have burnt a record area, sending clouds of smoke south into the US and destroying dozens of homes in Nova Scotia.






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