Cost of a full tank increases by about £4 due to rising fuel prices

According to the RAC, motorists experienced a “shock” in August as a result of one of the largest fuel price increases in more than 20 years.

A tank of petrol now costs £3.74 to fill up after the price of petrol increased by over 7p a litre.

The cost of filling a tank with diesel increased by £4.41, according to the driving association.

However, the RAC, which speaks for drivers, claimed that petrol dealers were not expanding their profit margins.

According to Simon Williams, the RAC’s fuel spokesman, “August was a big shock to drivers because they had grown accustomed to seeing far lower prices than last summer’s record highs.”However, he claimed that a recent inquiry by the competition watchdog seemed to be making retailers more hesitant about boosting prices more than is required.






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