Every day, two pubs in England and Wales close their doors

English pint
English pint

According to official figures, two pubs per day have vanished in England and Wales in the first half of the year.

According to statistics, 230 bars closed their doors in the three months leading up to June 30, an increase over the previous quarter when 153 pubs did the same.

Between January and June, 383 pubs were either destroyed or changed into other structures.

To preserve pubs, campaigners have urged for changes to the planning legislation.

According to statistics provided by commercial real estate experts Altus Group, the total number of pubs in England and Wales, including those that are unoccupied and being offered for rent, decreased to 39,404 at the end of June.

52 pubs were lost in Wales during the first half of the year, compared to 46 each in London and the North West.

Throughout the entire year 2022, 386 pubs were closed.

The Dales market town’s 13-bedroom hotel, tavern, and restaurant operation was well-liked by both residents and visitors.

“It’s a three-way squeeze,” he said, citing the effects of taxation, operational costs, and personnel as the reasons.

VAT is the single largest issue; we must pay HMRC a fifth of the revenue we produce. My most recent bill came to £26,000, and that was for a company that has never turned a profit, according to Mr. Miles.






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