For the anniversary of the Queen’s passing, a coin with more than 6,000 diamonds and an estimated value of £18.5 million was released

On the first anniversary of her passing, a basketball-sized coin with more than 6,000 diamonds has been unveiled in her honour.

The relic, known as “The Crown Coin,” was created by the East India Company of Mayfair to commemorate the late monarch’s “enduring legacy.”

The pricey object, which is thought to be worth £18.5 million, contains a 1 kilogramme gold coin, ten 24-carat gold coins, and 6,426 GIA-certified diamonds.

The Crown Coin, one of the most expensive coins ever made, is a genuine one-of-a-kind homage item.

It is made up of 11 magnificent 24-carat gold coins, the centrepiece of which weighs an astonishing 1 kilogramme and the other 10 coins each weighing 1 ounce. There are 6,426 GIA-certified diamonds embedded throughout the piece, each of which is manually put into the gold frame.

We cordially invite you to view the piece and its creation in further detail on our website.

The East India Company was the epitome of British imperialism; it was founded to take advantage of India’s abundant resources but ended up ruling over a sizable portion of the nation.

The East India Company brought tea and coffee to the world during its height, when it controlled 50% of global trade.






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