Get rich quick schemes on Facebook

Scam Alert

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Banks have warned to avoid get rich scams.

Analysed its own internal data and found fraud cases within its three biggest fraud categories came via the Meta-owned social media sites.

These fraud categories are purchase, impersonation, and investment fraud by case load/volume.

 Fraud experts have warned users to keep an eye out for random messages claiming to be from family or friends and advised directly contacting the person in question before transferring money to them.

Bank across the World has told those new to investing to stick to recognised investment platforms, and avoid ‘get rich quick’ schemes prominent on social media platform. In other words completely avoid!

Meta says it is taking action and has joined with Stop Scams UK to launch a WhatsApp awareness campaign – Stop. Think. Call.

A Meta spokesperson said: “This is an industry-wide issue and scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to defraud people in a range of ways including email, SMS, and offline.

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