Giant billboards featuring an OnlyFans model wearing a bra have been cleared by the UK’s advertising watchdog

In June and July there were four locations in London where the posters, which showed an image of model Eliza Rose Watson, had been located 450 metres from a school.

Following a number of complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom has dismissed huge billboards that feature an OnlyFans model who wears a bra.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) said because the billboards were not “overtly sexual” and “did not objectify women” they were “unlikely” to offend.

They prompted 30 complaints to the ASA – with those behind the complaints describing the picture as inappropriate for display where children could see.

However, the ASA ruled that while Watson’s clothing was revealing, the image did not feature any nudity, and the pose adopted by her was “no more than mildly sexual”.

Watson, who is from Dorset, last month told The Sun she earned around £200,000-a-month from selling explicit images on OnlyFans – an adults-only website which allows people to buy and sell explicit material.

A 34-yearold woman told the paper that she paid around £18,000 on her billboard campaign, including four UK billboards and two in New York’s Times Square.






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