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EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension
EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension

1. EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension

The EMOVE Cruiser is the perfect electric scooter for those who want to ride long distances without worrying about recharging. With a range of up to 62 miles on a single charge, you can commute for two weeks without having to plug in.

If you have a daily commute of 5 to 15 miles and don't have time to charge between trips, this e-scooter is the ideal solution. Don't believe us? Check out the specs and see for yourself.

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Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter
Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter

2. Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter

Experience unparalleled performance with the Dualtron X Limited electric scooter. Unlike most scooters that come with just one battery, this beast is equipped with not one, but two powerful batteries. The 84V 60Ah LG Battery combined with the 11V 20Ah Battery creates an insane power output that will leave you in awe.

With a whopping 5040 Wh capacity in the main battery and an additional 220 Wh in the sub-battery, the Dualtron X Limited has the ability to take you on mind-blowing journeys and reach incredible speeds. Whether you're looking to conquer long distances or experience the thrill of hyperspeed, this scooter has got you covered.

To ensure convenience and efficiency, each battery has its own charger and charging port. Recharging the main battery takes approximately 15 hours, while the sub-battery can be fully charged in just 4 hours. However, if you opt for an additional charger to utilize both charging ports of the main battery, you can significantly reduce the charge time to around 8 hours.

Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Upgrade to the Dualtron X Limited and unleash the true potential of electric scooters. Get ready to experience insane performance like never before.

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isinwheel GT2 Electric Scooter Adults
isinwheel GT2 Electric Scooter Adults

3. isinwheel GT2 Electric Scooter Adults

Experience the Power and Speed of the GT2 Folding Electric Scooter Upgrade your commuting experience with the GT2 folding electric scooter.

With its powerful brushless motor, you'll enjoy faster acceleration and impressive climbing ability.

Reach a top speed of 28MPH and conquer slopes with a maximum incline of 35%. The 1000W peak power ensures that you can effortlessly tackle all terrains, making your journey from home to the office, school, or even mountain cross-country a breeze.

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