JD Wetherspoon will cut prices on food and drinks in its pubs for one day only

In an effort to emphasise the tax burden on the hospitality business, JD Wetherspoon will reduce the prices of all food and beverages for one day this week.

On Thursday, September 14, the company will reduce prices at pubs all over the UK and Ireland by 7.5%.

In other words, a diner who spent £10 on food and beverages would actually pay £9.25.throughout accordance with Scottish licencing legislation, prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages will be reduced throughout Scotland.

Tim Martin, the chairman and founder of JD Wetherspoon, stated: “The biggest threat to the hospitality industry is the glaring discrepancy in tax treatment between pubs, restaurants, and supermarkets.

“Supermarkets charge no VAT on food sales, but bars and restaurants charge 20%.

“Due to the tax advantages supermarkets have over pubs, pubs have been under tremendous pressure for decades.”

The one-day price drop commemorates Wetherspoon’s “Tax Equality Day” and intends to draw attention to the advantages that a long-term VAT reduction would bring to UK pubs and eateries.






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