Jeremy Vine urges unnamed BBC presenter to name himself

Jeremy Vine has said the unnamed presenter at the centre of recent allegations should identify himself.

The Radio 2 host – who is unconnected to the allegations – said new claims about the presenter would “result in yet more vitriol being thrown at perfectly innocent colleagues”.

The newspaper’s story is based on testimony from the mother and step-father of the young person – however, a lawyer for the young person, who is now 20, has disputed their version of events.BBC News published a separate investigation on Tuesday, in which an individual in their 20s said they were sent menacing and bullying behaviour by the same presenter.On Tuesday night, the Sun published another new story claiming the presenter broke Covid lockdown rules to meet a 23-year-old he had met on a dating site, and sent what they described as “quite pressurising” messages.The newspaper says it has seen messages which suggest that as well as visiting the 23-year-old’s home, he also sent money and asked for a picture. He was sent a semi-naked photograph.

Any affair of this nature is serious. Trust is absolutely fundamental to the BBC. It is too early to say how this impacts the BBC in terms of trust.






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