Met Police officer called love rival N-word in vile texts to ex-girlfriend

The disgraced Croydon ex-PC has ‘core beliefs of racial hatred as well as misogyny’ in the texts about a fellow police officer

A racist Metropolitan Police officer called a love rival an ‘N-word pr***’ and ‘mongrel’ after his girlfriend left him for another policeman.

Thomas Phillips, 34, claimed the fellow PC, of Mauritian descent, was ‘genetically drawn’ to his ex-girlfriend because she was ‘ginger with a nice arse’ in a series of vile racist WhatsApp messages sent in 2021.

On July 27 at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, disgraced ex policeman Phillips of Simone Drive Croydon pleaded guilty to five counts of sending offensive text messages between April 8, 2021 and May 8, 2021.

He was sentenced to 71 days in prison on Friday, August 25, when he appeared before the same court and received a two year restraining order.

Judge Cieracio also ordered Phillips not to contact his ex girlfriend for a period of two years. He’ll serve half of the sentence in prison, on his license.






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