Prison officer jailed for 8 years

A “shameless white supremacist” prison officer who founded and ran a fascist sports club has been convicted of possessing a Nazi “manual for murder”.

Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, from Barnsley, kept the manual, which contained detailed advice on killing people in a race war, on an encrypted hard drive.

He was convicted at trial for possessing a document that could be useful in the preparation of a terrorist act. The 42-year-old worked at HMP Armley in Leeds until his arrest in May 2022.

Speaking at the Sheffield Court, KC Judge Jeremy Richardson said Mr Podsiad Sharp “worships Hitler”, denies the Holocaust and hates Jews and homosexuals.

Judge Richardson said he believes members of the group ultimately committed acts of terrorism.

A right-wing extremist manual dubbed the “White Resistance Manual” was found in Podsiad Sharp’s computer and hard drive by counter-terrorism police.

The 200-page document calls for armed resistance to the “threat against white people” by Jews and non-whites and provides detailed information on the manufacture of weapons and the execution of terrorist attacks, the court said.

Bows and arrows, a 20-inch knife, an ax, and other weapons were found in Podsiad Sharp’s home.






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