Iraq and others condemn Quran-burning in Denmark

Iraq and some other Muslim-majority countries have strongly condemned the burning of a Quran on Monday by a group called “Danish Patriots” outside the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen.

The far-right group livestreamed a similar act on Facebook on Friday.

Nearly 1,000 demonstrators in Baghdad tried to reach the Danish embassy after that incident.

The latest desecration of the book in the Danish capital also triggered a rally by thousands of protesters in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, who voiced anger at both Denmark and Sweden for allowing such acts.Turkey called the incident a “despicable attack” on the Quran, while the Algerian foreign ministry summoned the Danish ambassador and Swedish charge d’affaires to condemn the acts.Iran also protested on Saturday over the earlier desecrations. Local media in Qatar reported that Souq Al Baladi, the country’s biggest market, had removed Swedish products in protest.






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