Serial rapist ex-Met officer facing life in prison for sex attacks during 16 years in the force

former Metropolitan Police officer branded a “Jekyll and Hyde” character after being revealed as a serial rapist who carried out attacks during his 16-year policing career is set to be sentenced.

Adam Provan, 44, bullied, humiliated, and repeatedly raped a fellow police officer before going on to attack a 16-year-old GCSE student during a “hellish” first date.

Wood Green crown court heard police bosses knew Provan had harassed and stalked the first victim but concerns were “swept under the carpet” instead of being fully investigated.

He carried out a double rape on the teenage girl in 2010 during a blind date, when he had given a fake name and pretended to be 22-years-old.

In 2016 she came forward to bravely expose Provan as a sexual offender, describing how she had been frozen in fear as he attacked her in the woods and again near to a children’s playground.

Following a trial in 2018, Provan was found guilty of rape and jailed for nine years, but to the victim’s horror the conviction was overturned on appeal.

At the start of his sentencing hearing on Monday, prosecutor Anthony Metzer KC said Provan abused his position as an officer to gain young women’s trust and had “aspects of a Jekyll and Hyde character”.

He said Provan had “an extended history of allegations” of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1990s, including “stalkerish behaviour”.

At the hearing to be concluded on Tuesday, Judge Lucas is expected to issue a sentence of life imprisonment for Provan.






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