Uncovering the Gruesome Fate of a Woman Who Died Too Soon

A tragic incident occurred when a 40-year-old woman, Marie Stevens, collapsed and passed away almost three weeks after being attacked by two Rottweiler dogs.

Authorities have confirmed that Marie was mauled by the dogs when she attempted to approach and pet them at around 5:45 pm on August 18 in Netherton, Merseyside.

After the attack, Marie was promptly rushed to the hospital for treatment and was eventually released.

However, on September 3, nearly three weeks later, the police received a distress call from Marie’s home in Brighton-le-Sands after paramedics informed them that she had collapsed and tragically lost her life.

The police are currently conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of Marie’s death. Preliminary findings suggest that she may have succumbed to a pulmonary embolism. It remains uncertain if this fatal event is in any way linked to the injuries she sustained during the dog

Marie encountered a distressing situation as she attempted to pet the dogs on a lead; she suffered multiple bites on her arms and legs.






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